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New for 2017 – We are spending the coming months up dating and expanding the content, modernising the sites software and features as well as adding the reference material we use for our research.

Our Sister Site – www.Fighting-Vehicles.com is up and running, which show cases what we plan to do with tanknudave.com over 2017

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9P157 Khrizantema-S

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M8 Thunderbolt Armored Gun System

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M109A7 SPG

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Armata T-14

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Panhard EBR Reconnaissance Vehicle

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  • Massive British Army Armoured Vehicle Convoy 2017

    Massive British Army armoured vehicle convoy in Estonia 2017 - Warrior IFV, 432, Bulldog, Terrier, CVR(T) Spartan and FV512 Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle

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Some of the images we have added recently to the website pages or we have taken ourself.